“They have really helped my family in ways that I can’t express. Everyone in their office has been so wonderful.”
Read Marina's Story
“His understanding, and his craftsmanship—because he is an artist—made me feel like I didn’t miss a beat.”
Read Donna's Story
“I had psyched myself up about it so that no matter how I turned out I was going to be accepting of it, but Dr. Feingold exceeded my hopes.”
Read Lilith's Story
“He’s a perfectionist, and he really wants to restore people. It’s not like it’s your fingernails, it's your breasts.”
Read Lori's Story
“They understood. I was 33 years old, I had really great breasts, and they were going to try to make something that approximated them.”
Read Chelsey's Story
“Their whole thing is to get you well again. It’s not just plastic surgery, it’s to get you well again.”
Read Gale's Story
“He always made me feel good and safe, and I was never really worried. I had cancer, but I never really worried because I had such a good team.”
Read Lucienne's Story
“If I had to say one thing it’s simple: you’re not alone. There are people going through it there is medical care out there.”
Read Michael's Story
“They look at you like a human being. They see it in you, they see the warm blood that runs through your body.”
Read Angela's Story
“You walk in and you are greeted; it doesn’t matter who you see, everyone is warm and friendly, the whole practice.”
Read Diane's Story
“They treat the whole patient, and they take into account who you are as an individual.”
Read Yvonne's Story
“I'm very happy with all the decisions I've made. I'm happy with the team of doctors that I chose. I wouldn't have changed anything.”
Read Sarah's Story
“I speak about my journey publicly now ... There's no shame in this. You don't have to hide it.”
Read Rachel's Story
“I felt like whatever I felt I had a place to go. I had the support. I felt like the practice was very proactive in my journey.”
Read Jennie's Story
“It's a time as a patient where you're just so vulnerable, because there's so much going on. They just provided the right care.”
Read Sabine's Story
“They have a complete respect for the circumstance that women are facing and are 100% respectful of a woman's body.”
Read Nadia's Story
“It's a really special thing to have doctors who are that caring and that understanding and really go above and beyond what they need to do.”
Read Meredith's Story
“The before and after was unbelievable. I feel much better about myself.”
Read Jeff's Story
“It was really awesome to talk to someone and be with a group of women where it didn't matter what age you were.”
Read Erica's Story
“When I went to the group and I sat down and I listened to everyone's story, they were all different. And that's when I got a little bit of hope.”
Read Carolyn's Story