NYBRA Plastic Surgery offers Breast ReliefSM as a coordinated approach to the management of PMPS as well as other painful conditions that may present following breast surgery.

Dr. Jonathan Bank created Breast ReliefSM to help shift paradigms in surgical breast cancer treatment by diagnosing patients, systematically treating them, and educating healthcare and patient communities on long-term post-surgical breast pain.

Sensory nerves in the breast are often disturbed as part of standard mastectomy techniques. We believe that this disruption is the driving force behind PMPS. Other types of breast surgery, such as breast reduction, also carry the risk of sensory nerve disruption.

The surgeons at NYBRA Plastic Surgery perform corrective procedures that can help treat many causes of post-surgical breast pain. Our surgeons are experienced in resensation procedures, which can help mitigate neurological issues after mastectomy. However, resensation is not the only option when it comes to preventing or treating PMPS. Our experience has taught us that appropriate nerve handling during the mastectomy may avoid the problem completely. This similarly applies to any reconstructive or aesthetic breast surgery we perform.

Breast ReliefSM incorporates elements of physical therapy, pain management, regional anesthesia, and reparative surgery to create a tailored treatment plan based on your individual needs. Read the details of our approach at BreastRelief.com.

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