Initial meeting

We treat the whole patient from the moment you walk into our practice. After the surgical component of your initial breast reconstruction consultation, you and your loved ones meet with our Patient Empowerment Program Clinical Director, Mollie Sugarman, to create a personal treatment approach that incorporates the emotional elements of recovery.

Before your surgery

  • Patient-to-Patient Caring TeamSM
    The best way to learn about what your reconstruction experience, from surgery to recovery to results, is to talk to someone who has gone through it already. That’s where the NYBRA Patient-to-Patient Caring Team comes in. Once you’ve worked with our team to choose the reconstruction option that’s right for you, our staff can match you with a patient who has undergone similar breast reconstruction procedures.
  • Guided imagery and relaxation techniques: The reconstruction process can be extremely physically and emotionally demanding. We provide you and your partner or caretaker with guided imagery and relaxation techniques to help quiet the mind and quell anxieties, anytime, anywhere, giving you a sense of control during one of the most challenging stages of life. Patients who use these powerful tools report lower stress levels going into surgery, greater ease with anesthesia, and improved rest and healing moving forward.
  • Managing your journey: Listen to Mollie Sugarman on the DiepC Podcast for more helpful guidance on pre-op and post-op care.