Meet Mollie Sugarman, Clinical Director of the Patient Empowerment Program.

BW graphic Mollie and Sisterhood of Support
Mollie Sugarman (center in the photo above) is the creator and Clinical Director of our Patient Empowerment Program. Mollie brings over 40 years of experience developing programs that promote wellness, health education, and support for individuals, couples, and families facing life challenges. Her clinically recognized work with individuals coping with chronic illness has formed the base of her nurturing, integrated approach to the program. Mollie’s passion and commitment to helping patients reassess priorities and move forward in life after a cancer diagnosis offers those who come to the practice essential support that is central to healing both body and mind.
Our holistic, patient-centered approach focuses on both the mind and body to promote emotional restoration, authentic healing, and personal growth. Explore individual program elements below.
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Sisterhood of Support
The Sisterhood offers an opportunity to find support with a tailored group of other women going through a similar process.
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Men's Breakfast Group
This group creates a safe space for patients’ partners to learn how to listen and be available in this challenging time.
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Pre-Op Support
From the moment you come in for a consultation, NYBRA is committed to providing multi-dimensional care.