NYBRA 2014 Uplifting Event

NYBRA Plastic Surgery’s 2014 Uplifting Event brought together 250 patients with our entire medical team and the breast surgeons and oncologists who have shared their mastectomy and breast reconstruction journey. For the first time this year, spouses who attend the Men’s Breakfast Group also joined us for a night of community and fun.

The event raised more than $13,000 for BRA Day USA, the Breast Reconstruction Awareness initiative of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the Plastic Surgery Foundation. These funds will help to develop cutting edge research, provide patient care programs, further breast reconstruction awareness and education, and offer financial assistance to organizations supporting the surgical care of uninsured or under-insured women who need breast reconstruction.

We presented the first-ever Sisterhood of Support Award to Erica Misorek who designed and created the “femPOWER belt,” which patients can use to hold—and conceal—surgical drains, and a foundation that will provide these to women first starting their journey. Not only has she made a difference with this amazing contribution, she is also a role model to other women in how she embraces life.

As in past years, surprise musical performances were among the highlights of The Uplifting Event. This year, several musically talented patients joined, Drs. Feingold, Israeli and Korn, PA, Nik McEnerney, and Surgery Coordinator, Mary Daniels, to perform “Twist and Shout” to kick start the program. Clinical Director of the Patient Empowerment Program, Mollie Sugarman, went on to assume her stage persona as “Divine Ms. M” singing “You’ve Gotta Have Friends,” accompanied by the doctors and back-up singers.

The program also featured individual bra fittings by certified post mastectomy fitters, a cocktail hour and buffet, raffles, and an exiting “runway” show with patient models and entertainment for all. The video below captures some of the highlights of a truly uplifting evening.


FemPower Belt: Empowering Women After Surgery

May 24, 2013

In October of 2012, Erica Misorek, was facing a mastectomy and reconstruction process. “As part of my recovery, I had drains, and I wanted to…