Updates in Direct-to-Implant Reconstruction (CBS News)

It was a decade ago this month that I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Dr. Max Gomez for a CBS News segment on advances in breast reconstruction. Since then we have had multiple additional advances, including prepectoral implant and AlloDerm breast reconstruction.

At that time, the direct-to-implant approach with the use of AlloDerm was a novel technique that revolutionized breast reconstruction. Today, using a dermal matrix in breast reconstruction has become routine.

One of my patients who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33 was also interviewed. After finding out that she carried a breast cancer genetic mutation, she chose to have bilateral mastectomies and single-stage direct-to-implant breast reconstruction with AlloDerm.

As I explain in the news segment, a dermal matrix such as AlloDerm can be used to reinforce the soft tissue after mastectomy while helping create a breast contour. In the past, implants were always placed partially under the pectoralis muscle and partially under AlloDerm. Today, the state-of-the-art has evolved with prepectoral implant and AlloDerm placement on top of the muscle. This can provide for a more natural and more comfortable breast reconstruction.


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