20 Years of Continued Partnership

Making Strides collage of photos

NYBRA Plastic Surgery may be a Making Strides Flagship Sponsor now, but our team started like so many others, as a small group of dedicated people gathered in a parking lot in the wee hours of the morning. Check out our latest video featuring Dr. Randall Feingold on how our partnership with Making Strides Against Breast Cancer began 20 years ago.

We’re already gearing up for this year’s Jones Beach event in October! As we look back on the 20 Years of Continued Partnership, we’re more grateful than ever for our NYBRA team of patients, families and friends who join us each year to help fight cancer.

The fight continues, and so does our commitment to it. Keep an eye out for memories from past events, thoughts from our doctors, and more as we celebrate two decades of work, progress, and camaraderie.

Stay updated on all our Making Strides activities by visiting NYBRA.com/MakingStrides.

If you haven’t already joined our team, now is the time to get involved in the movement. Let’s do this together.



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