Our practice has been recognized by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for its unique, whole-patient approach. Surgical care does not exist in a vacuum. We consider each patient’s specific, individual concerns to incorporate every aspect of that picture into their treatment plan.

We take bedside manner seriously. No matter why you’re here, we’re here to make you feel safe, comfortable, and heard. We do not take your choice to trust us with your body lightly. We’re here when you need us, to provide information, advice, and support, and to help you make the best possible choices for you.

Patient mental and emotional health is a top priority. Our Patient Empowerment Program is clinically designed to ensure that breast reconstruction patients and families address and connect concerns of the mind and body to create a personal treatment approach that incorporates the emotional elements of recovery. The program begins as soon as those patients enter the practice and continues after their initial meeting with tailored support, education opportunities, and events based on their individual needs.