“I had no idea on what to expect during my journey but had faith that every step and decision that I made would feel ‘right for me’.”~CHRISTINE

“As all of us go through journeys, sometimes it’s not easy to receive. Receiving this gift has really made a difference.” ~ TRACY, BRCA STRONG

“The whole family gets affected by this disease, so we have to address the whole family’s concerns and needs.” ~ RAJASREE ROY, MD

“We could say things to each other. We could learn from each other’s bumps and triumphs. We could learn from someone who was one step ahead or one step behind.” ~ ANN

“We are the stories we tell ourselves…” ~ DEBORA BARCHILON, MD

“I’m just really happy right now. And I met so many new people, too. It’s another part of my life now. A new part of my life opened up.” ~JACKIE

“Community is an environment where strong bonds are formed and relationships endure.” ~ MOLLIE SUGARMAN

“You and your ability to heal are ten times stronger than your fear.” ~ PINA LOGIUDICE, ND, LAc

“It’s important to acknowledge that working with your emotions is a process.” ~MOLLIE SUGARMAN

“It’s your attention to your inner self that’s so important.” ~ HELEN LEIN

“I want others to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you find a good doctor, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up.” ~ PEGGY