NYBRA Plastic Surgery practices an integrative approach and provides its patients with a unique support system. As part of your treatment here, the Patient Empowerment Program (PEP) offers you invaluable tools that focus on assisting you in moving from a state of disorder to order, from vulnerable to victorious. These complementary resources are part of your treatment plan and have made a significant impact on our patients’ physical and emotional restoration.

While this stage of your journey is most overwhelming, taking the time to read this material and engage in the program will serve to quiet your mind and quell your anxiety. If you prefer, you can access two audio interviews that review both the material and pre- and post-op suggestions. (see links below)

Please, take the opportunity to review the attached PEP materials, which provide information on the unique support system this integrative practice offers. You can also review the PEP section of our website, NYBRA.COM/PEP to learn more about this element of the practice and its role in your treatment plan.