NYBRA Plastic Surgery of Long Island, New York's patient Erica with Dr. Ron Israeli, Mollie Sugarman and Diana Tjaden at the femPower Belt Sewing Workshop

Staying Sew Connected

March 22, 2023

When Erica created the FemPower Belt, she did not intend to lay the groundwork for a simple product that has helped countless patients. She was…

Mammogram breast imaging and a new mammography facility regulation may help patients and their physicians better understand how to approach their individual breast cancer screenings.

Mammography Facilities Are Now Required to Share Information on Breast Tissue Density

March 17, 2023

Self-advocacy among patients is largely based on access to both information on health in general and information about a patient’s own body. It is vital…

NYBRA Plastic Surgery of Long Island, New York's femPower Belt Sewing Workshop Feature with patient Nancy.

An Opportunity Worth Keeping Your Ears Open For

March 15, 2023

“They just care. I feel like with their cancer patients, they really take the time,” Dr. Randall Feingold’s patient, Nancy, reflected on her experience with…

NYBRA Plastic Surgery of Long Island, New York's Dr. Jonathan Bank and patients Lily and Lisa Video on Combating Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome available now.

Dr. Jonathan Bank Joins The Breasties for a Conversation on Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome

March 13, 2023

Dr. Jonathan Bank joined The Breasties on Instagram on March 6th, 2023, for a discussion on Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome (PMPS). This underserved condition involves…

NYBRA Plastic Surgery of Long Island, New York's April 2023 Be Informed Lecture Series with Harriet Cabelly, LCSW and her book "Living Well Despite Adversity"

Join Us for: “Living Well Despite Adversity: Inspiration for Finding Renewed Meaning and Joy in Your Life” on April 3rd

March 10, 2023

Join us on for our next lecture as part of our Be Informed Lecture Series. Our guest speaker is: Harriet Cabelly, LCSW Monday, April 3rd…

NYBRA Plastic Surgery of Long Island, New York's patient Pat, sewing at the femPower Belt Workshop.

This Little Pocket: Hey, It Works!

March 8, 2023

“I’ve sewn for them before; this was the fifth time. One other time I did something on my own. Another time we made safety belt…

NYBRA Plastic Surgery of Long Island, New York's Dr. David Light and patient Michelle in scrubs and OR gown heading to the operating room

Embracing the Power of Choice: Michelle’s Choice to Protect Her Family and Mind

March 3, 2023

“Breast cancer awareness was always something I was passionate about even before anyone in my family was affected,” Michelle explained. As Michelle’s life unfolded, her…

Long Island, New York's NYBRA Plastic Surgery and Full Circle Physical Therapy/Ivy Rehab's group of patients at the fewPower Belt Sewing Workshop

Patients Paying it Forward: NYBRA and Full Circle Physical Therapy’s FemPower Belt Workshop

March 1, 2023

On February 5, 2023, 29 generous individuals gathered together at Full Circle Physical Therapy to help our practice restock a key, handmade item: the FemPower…

Nipple tattoo post mastectomy and DIEP flap breast reconstruction from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidebook

Dr. Ron Israeli and Marnie Rustemeyer, CPCP, AAM featured in Digital Guidebook on Diverse Patient Care

February 24, 2023

When we talk about breast reconstruction, it is vital to discuss the racial, geographic, and socioeconomic factors that contribute to every patient’s medical outcome. At…

NYBRA Plastic Surgery of Long Island, New York's Difficult Conversations during National Cancer Prevention Month

Prevention: Diving Into Difficult Conversations

February 22, 2023

Cancer prevention is an uncomfortable topic. It involves many things that individuals find difficult to discuss: family, lifestyle, bodily health, personal health, and more. Determining…