Steps for Strides Week 7: Add Mileage

Steps for Strides: Add Mileage

This week, we’re working on maintaining momentum. Continued training at this level will give you the tools to finish the Making Strides walk with ease. The key is to keep yourself moving every week.

This week’s training goals:
• Aim to walk a total of 180 minutes over the course of the week.
• Take a 30 minute walk four times per week. Be attentive to the speed and form guidance from previous weeks.
• On the fifth day, walk 60 minutes at an easy pace.

So far, we’ve addressed form, shoes, and socks. We’ve added distance and speed. While proper form can prevent injury, they will not necessarily keep away every discomfort. One of the most common issues individuals training for a distance walk confront is a simple blister. These irritating, fluid-filled pillows of skin are typically harmless, but they can slow you down. The good news is that preventive measures may keep them away entirely, and if they do emerge, they are relatively easy to manage. Read on for a few helpful tips.

Take preventive measures to improve foot comfort.

Taking a few common-sense measures to keep yourself comfortable can help to stave off irritation. Be sure to keep your feet dry and cover any areas that feel like they may become irritated with moleskin or gel bandages. Cushioned shoe insoles may also be beneficial.

Keep your calluses.

If your feet are feeling irritated, it may seem like a good time to get a pedicure. Resist this urge. Believe it or not, calluses are your friends. Thicker skin on your feet and heels will prevent blisters and other painful skin irritation. It’s important to let them build as you train.

If you do develop a blister, remember first aid basics.

Even the best shoes and socks may not prevent the development of blisters. Sometimes, they simply cannot be avoided. Most blisters heal with patience and self-care. If you find yourself blistering mid-walk, you may want to stop and cover it to keep it from worsening. Otherwise, simply let it be and watch for infection unless otherwise advised by a physician. If you are not healing, see signs of serious infection, or are unsure of how to manage the situation on your own, speak to a doctor.

Remember to join our team

If you want to organize a group of walkers, you can form your own team under the umbrella of our practice’s name. Add your team under our company name NYBRA Plastic Surgery on the Making Strides website.

Individuals or smaller groups who do not wish to create teams of their own can simply join our team, or donate to our team, Drs. Feingold, Israeli, Korn, Light and Bank.

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