Patient Empowerment Program Resource Connection

Close up of bricks and the following words: Health, Body, Wellness, Mind for the Patient Empowerment Program Resource Connection

We love to share other programs and events that complement the “building blocks” of our Patient Empowerment Program. ⁠

Check out some of these virtual events to keep your health goals in focus this month. ⁠

The Sid Jacobson JCC has (2) upcoming events coming for cancer wellness including the Healthy Pantry Energy Bites Demo and Relax Restore Renew: At Home. LEARN MORE.

Join the American Cancer Society for RETRO REWIND from November 27 – December 6. Move your body. Track healthy activities. Get neat swag. LEARN MORE.


Be Your Own Advocate: How to Make the Most of Your First Appointment

July 14, 2020

While it is overwhelming to receive a breast cancer diagnosis, it is also a critical time to advocate for yourself regarding your treatment. The first…