Patient Empowerment Program Resource Connection

We love to share other programs and events that complement the “building blocks” of our Patient Empowerment Program. ⁠

Check out some of these virtual events to keep your health goals in focus this month. ⁠

The Sid Jacobson JCC has (2) upcoming events coming for cancer wellness including the Healthy Pantry Energy Bites Demo and Relax Restore Renew: At Home. LEARN MORE.

Join the American Cancer Society for RETRO REWIND from November 27 – December 6. Move your body. Track healthy activities. Get neat swag. LEARN MORE.

Getting together for the holidays

Balancing the Holidays with Pandemic Fatigue

November 16, 2020

We’re in the ninth month of the pandemic, and while summer’s warm weather and outdoor activities eased some of the burden, it’s easy to see…