NEW PRODUCT: Post-Operative Comfort is Here!
In the realm of post-operative recovery, especially after breast surgery, comfort and rapid healing are at the forefront of every patient’s mind. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the launch of a new ground-breaking comfort device specifically designed for recovery from breast surgery: Relievvr
Dr. Jonathan Bank developed the “Relievvr” designed to provide postoperative comfort after breast surgery. Utilizing the “gate theory” of nerves and pain, the device generates controlled mechanical vibratory stimulations that desensitize sensory nerves affected by surgery. Now available at for 25% off until the end of October. A great gift for somebody planning surgery, or to take the edge off of those annoying nerve “zaps” weeks, months, and years after surgery.

Special Invitation: Experience the Stories of “Reblossom”

September 22, 2023

“Reblossom”‘ is a new book that draws an elegant parallel between the regeneration of flowers and the resilience of women undergoing a double mastectomy. Twelve…