Empowered Decision Making

Our surgeons are committed to providing the highest quality care for women facing mastectomy. We perform a comprehensive array of breast reconstruction procedures and provide support services, with a holistic approach designed to facilitate real, authentic healing. If you are considering mastectomy and reconstruction, or if you have had breast reconstruction and you are not satisfied with your results, let the surgeons at NYBRA Plastic Surgery help you determine which approach is best for you.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way.
1 of 2 We're here to help you get the information you need to make the decision that's best for you. At what stage are you in your journey?
I was just diagnosed with breast cancer
I am at high risk for breast cancer
I am unhappy with my previous breast reconstruction
2 of 2 We understand how overwhelming a breast cancer diagnosis can be. We've put together a few things to help get you started.
Learn more about mastectomy

Our plastic surgeons can help you understand the types of mastectomy procedures available and how each method could impact your breast reconstruction choices.

See our results

We've put together a curated sampling of our typical outcomes to help you understand your options. For more case examples, come see us for a consultation. We'll help you decide what's right for you.

Patient Empowerment

We provide support and resources for your mind, body, and loved ones based on your individual needs and the needs of those who surround you.

2 of 2 We understand that you are just at the beginning of your research process. We've collected a few items that we think will help as you learn more about your options.
Risk-reducing mastectomy

Risk-reducing mastectomies and breast reconstruction can provide long term preventative benefits in patients who are at a high risk of developing breast cancer. Learn more about risk-reducing options.

Understanding genetic mutations

Genetic mutations can occur naturally in the body, and while some have no affect, other mutations can have increase a person’s risk of developing cancer. Learn more.

Meet the Doctors

Combined, we have decades of experience. With a range of specialties and focuses, we can support you in your journey, no matter what part of it you're in.

2 of 2 It is difficult enough to undergo one set of reconstructive procedures. We understand how disheartening it can be to live with unsatisfactory results. We're revision specialists, and we're here to help.
Converting from subpectoral to prepectoral impants

If you have had breast reconstruction with subpectoral implants, it may now be possible for you to have your implants moved into a more comfortable and natural prepectoral position to alleviate animation and discomfort.

Refining Your Breast Reconstruction

Secondary breast surgery can help to refine post-mastectomy breast reconstruction outcomes by improving breast contour and symmetry and minimizing pain or discomfort related to the original mastectomy.

Learn about our practice

Our surgical expertise comes with a personalized approach that’s focused on the relationship between your body and mind. We treat the whole person.

Not sure where to begin? Try a first-hand look.
Our Patient Empowerment Program offers tailored, individual support to patients facing mastectomy.
Sisterhood Support - Four Women
Sisterhood of Support
The Sisterhood offers an opportunity to find support with a tailored group of other women going through a similar process.
Color photo of 3 men portrait standing waist up, smiling naturally for the camera.
Men's Breakfast Group
This group creates a safe space for patients’ partners to learn how to listen and be available in this challenging time.
Two women standing closely smiling and posing for color portrait
Pre-Op Support
From the moment you come in for a consultation, NYBRA is committed to providing multi-dimensional care.