Give the Gift of “Restored”

Purchase "Restored" This Black Friday 2022

Giving Tuesday has an important place in our hearts, but we understand that there are moments when you want to hand a friend or loved one something tangible. If you are searching for a meaningful gift that still supports a vital cause, remember that “Restored” is still available for purchase!

Not only does “Restored” fund breast cancer research and care, it also provides insight into the breast reconstruction experience while showing how transformative, healing, and life-changing it can be.

“Restored” features twelve breast reconstruction patients along with sculptures, textures, and stories that aim to get at the heart of how physical and emotional restoration can leave patients feeling stronger and more complete than ever. Drs. Ron Israeli and Jonathan Bank worked with Form Collaborative and Allergan Aesthetics to create a series of life casts for each woman in materials that related to her experience. The resulting book includes images of the women, their casts, and more as they show others that beauty and strength can take many forms. “Restored” is available for purchase here. Proceeds benefit the AiRS Foundation.

Drs. Ron Israeli and Jonathan Bank Plastic Surgery News Magazine Article on Restored Feature

“Restored” Featured in Plastic Surgery News Magazine

November 15, 2022

One year ago today, Drs. Ron Israeli and Jonathan Bank shared their project, Restored, with the world in its first gallery exhibition. Restored is a…