Tools of the Trade

Photo of Microsurgical Instruments

Amazing case the other day…we had brand new micro instruments. When you are sewing with suture thinner than a human hair and vessels that are 1-2 mm wide, it makes such a difference to have well cared for instruments. Thank you to all of the scrub techs and instrument processors who are critical players both in the OR and behind the scenes!⁠

What are each used for?⁠
Jeweler forceps-for picking up tissue⁠
Needle driver-holds the needle while we work⁠
Clamps-prevent bleeding while we are connecting vessels⁠
Bipolar-for dissecting and cauterizing blood vessels⁠
Background-color makes it easier to see while we work⁠

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Photo of Dr. Light in BW with white copy: DIEP FLAP

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August 23, 2021

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