“Restored” Anniversary and New Project Collaboration

Close-up of life cast of Lucienne in 2012

My original life cast project, “Restored”, debuted nine years ago at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 81st annual meeting. That year was also the first recognizing Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day USA.

The original project exhibited in 2012 included a short documentary film featuring one of my patients, Lucienne Colombo, and provided an understanding of Lucienne’s experience with cancer — from the shock of diagnosis to the depths of treatment to the relief of being cancer-free.
“It was the end, it was like putting it to sleep. When they were peeling it off me, it was like – I’m free, I’m free… I was free in so many different ways. It was time to live,” Lucienne said.

Check out the below photos of the life cast exhibit from October 26, 2012 at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 81st annual meeting as well as the full documentary on the original Restored project.
“Restored” is now back as a new life cast project that Dr. Jonathan Bank and I completed in collaboration with, FormCollaborative, Erez Sabag, David Warren and Allergan Aesthetics.  Check out the teaser for this project.

This project has culminated in an incredible book and exhibit. The NYC exhibit will be November 15 and 16. We can’t wait to share more details.


Close up of Dr. Israeli with pink background.

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