Post-Op Infections: a Patient’s Perspective

Post Op infection Zoom call screenshot

Infection is an unfortunate risk of any procedure. Our surgeons take every possible precaution to prevent its occurrence, but sometimes it’s beyond anyone’s control. In those situations, it’s essential that patients speak up at the first sign so that our doctors can administer quick and careful treatment.

When it comes to implant reconstruction, infections can happen within the tissue, but the implant itself can also become infected. And while some infections happen immediately after surgery, others take days or weeks to develop. Dr. Ron Israeli gathered three implant reconstruction patients who had different types of postoperative infections to share their experiences.

Allie, Jen, and Zandra each shed light on what it’s like to have infections immediately after surgery and weeks later, what to look out for, and what to expect from infection treatment. Their stories underscored the importance of paying attention to your body immediately after surgery and in the weeks that follow and reporting any discomfort, fever, or other irregularities to your doctor. Swift treatment facilitates a swift recovery.

Watch the full conversation for a firsthand look at each infection experience.

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