NYBRA.COM WEB TOURS: Patient Empowerment Program

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Our one of a kind Patient Empowerment Program offers tailored, individual support to patients facing mastectomy. This program is the cornerstone of our whole-patient approach to breast reconstruction. The program embodies our holistic, patient-centered approach focusing on the mind and body to promote authentic healing and personal growth. We provide support and resources for your mind, body, and loved ones based on your individual needs and the needs of those who surround you.

We’re taking you on a series of web tours through a few key sections of our new website, NYBRA.com. This web tour highlights our Patient Empowerment Program and how to get the most out of this valuable resource.


NYBRA.COM WEB TOURS: Breast Relief square


February 4, 2021

This week’s video web tour of NYBRA.COM is about Breast Relief. Breast Relief is a unique clinical and research initiative that addresses Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome…