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Today I had the pleasure of being included in Learn Look Locate’s feature on breast reconstruction. Learn Look Locate’s mission is to create a global movement of critical education for the early detection of breast cancer.

My video focuses specifically on natural-tissue breast reconstruction. You can view the video below.

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy can be with an implant, with natural-tissue, or using a combination of both.

Natural-tissue breast reconstruction can be a very desirable option for women who prefer to avoid implants. The most advanced natural-tissue reconstruction procedures require microsurgery. Microsurgery allows us to transplant a woman’s own skin and fat to the chest from elsewhere in her body.

Using an operating microscope, plastic surgeons specializing in microsurgery connect small blood vessels to re-establish blood flow and transplant this living tissue. A warm, soft, natural appearing and natural feeling reconstructed breast is thereby created from living tissue.

A new and important feature of natural-tissue reconstruction is that breast sensation may be improved. Your plastic surgeon can reconnect nerves that were cut during mastectomy to nerves in the reconstructed breast.

Before surgery, a CT Scan can help identify blood vessels in the donor site where the tissue is going to be harvested. At the time of surgery, the plastic surgeon elevates the flap of skin and fat from the donor area while preserving muscle. The flap is then transferred to the mastectomy defect, where microsurgical techniques are used to connect blood vessels and connect nerves. In experienced hands, the success rate for this surgery is greater than 99%. The area where the flap was taken is then repaired, usually resulting in an improved contour.

A plastic surgeon experienced in microsurgery who specializes in breast reconstruction can help you decide if you are a good candidate for breast reconstruction using your own body tissue.


Close up photo of Dr. Israeli and Annie at the Making Strides of Long Island 2018 event.

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