Join us for Lymphedema: Prevention and Treatment

graphic of Diane Raspanti and information about her lecture on Lymphedema: prevention and Treatment to be held on Oct. 18, 2021

Join us on Monday, October 18, 2021 at 9:30 AM EST via ZOOM for our next lecture as part of our Be Informed Lecture Series.

Our guest speaker is:
Diane Raspanti

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Please join us for this education lecture on Lymphedema: Prevention and Treatment. We will be discussing the following topics:

  • What is Lymphedema?
  • How does Lymphedema develop?
  • Which surgeries and treatments for breast cancer can contribute to the possibility of getting Lymphedema?
  • What are the signs and symptoms to look for?
  • What are my treatment options?


Diane Raspanti has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1985. She received her certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage in 1994, and became nationally certified by LANA in 2001. Her main concentration is Manual Lymphatic Drainage for the treatment of both primary and secondary Lymphedema. She is an active member of the Lymphatic Education and Research Network, Lymphatic Association of North America, and the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Diane introduced the Lymphedema treatment program to Westbury Total Health Care over 20 years ago. The program is now supported by four certified Lymphedema therapists, a physical therapist and a doctor of osteopathy.

The Be Informed Lecture Series is brought to you by NYBRA Plastic Surgery’s Patient Empowerment Program. Our monthly Be Informed Lecture Series provides patients with information and insights that are useful at every stage. Experts in the community come to NYBRA to give pro bono lectures on a range of topics, including genetic mutations, dietary insights, and the latest surgical techniques.


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