Holiday Message

As many of our patients know, I think of the new year as an opportunity to begin anew. I talk often about the “tabula rasa” or “blank slate” that comes with it. This year comes with continued challenges but also opportunities. The pandemic plunges forward, which may make it difficult to think of this year as a fresh start. However, living through this extremely difficult time has shown us all just how resilient we are. I hope you enter the new year with a renewed commitment to self-improvement and self-care. Remember: self-care is not self-indulgence. Look back on the lessons that 2021 has to offer. Appreciate the areas in which you’ve done well. Think about ways to make next year even more physically and emotionally healthy.

Women tend to feel pressure to “do it all,” to be the one that others rely on. Many find it most challenging to ask others to be available to them. Unfortunately, asking for assistance is frequently perceived as weakness. In reality, reaching out to have our needs met is a true display of strength. Voicing your needs also serves to keep relationships balanced and reciprocal. We are all perfectly imperfect. Imposing the superwoman expectations on ourselves is both unreasonable and quite a heavy burden.

As part of the Patient Empowerment Program, you have tremendously supported, encouraged and lifted up one another. This unique setting and close community has had an extraordinary impact on each and every individual’s physical and emotional healing. You have shared with one another, cried together, laughed with one another, healed together, and created a bond that goes beyond the physical restoration.

With the wonder of Zoom, we have been able to stay connected and actually “see” one another. This also allowed those “sisters” who live in Canada and across the country to continue to stay connected. (I believe we all miss the in-person hugs). I have been privileged and honored to have joined you during this most challenging time amidst this extraordinary support.

While I focus on encouraging each of you to utilize this experience to reassess your lives, the overlay of stress from the Covid pandemic, will hopefully further propel you forward to making positive changes in your life. Make this the year that you try the things you’ve always wanted to experience, stop before you automatically respond “yes” to requests, and most of all, nurture and be kind to yourself. Thank you for your trust and in allowing me to partner with you during your journey.

Warmest wishes,

Mollie Sugarman

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