Breast Cancer Facts You Should Know, from Good Housekeeping

Color photo of magenta colored bra hung up with clothespins with blue sky background.

Breast Cancer awareness month is right around the corner. I spoke to Good Housekeeping Magazine on behalf of the AiRS Foundation, a resource that helps women who’ve undergone mastectomies as a result of breast cancer understand their reconstructive options. The article, 17 Breast Cancer Facts You Need to Know, discusses everything from screening and treatment to reconstruction and access to care. I also touch on Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome (PMPS), an often overlooked aspect of physical restoration after mastectomy.

PMPS is a type of chronic pain that affects 30% of women who undergo mastectomy. I’ve been working with breast surgeons and other doctors to develop new ways to address this issue. Together, we’ve created an initiative called Breast Relief, where we’re working on interdisciplinary approaches that combine specific operating techniques, preoperative physical therapy, oral medications, and other types of physical and neurological interventions to help women prevent and treat this pain. We’ll have more information on Breast Relief on soon. In the meantime, feel free visit the link above, and take a look at Good Housekeeping’s article.


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