Be Informed’s New Hub on Vimeo

New Hub for NYBRA Plastic Surgery's Be Informed Lecture Series is on Vimeo

Every month, an expert within the breast cancer community joins the Clinical Director of our Patient Empowerment Program, Mollie Sugarman, for a free lecture in a series called Be Informed. We’re excited to announce a new, comprehensive lecture archive available on Vimeo!

A cancer diagnosis is jarring, and the upheaval that comes with it can make it easy to feel as though you don’t know which questions to ask or what information you need, let alone where to find that information. After all, how can you know what you need to know when you’ve never had to know it before? Mollie created Be Informed as part of the education arm of NYBRA’s Patient Empowerment Program. These pro bono lectures cover everything from medical insights to relaxation techniques and more. Patients and others within our community are able to join free of charge, now via Zoom.

While the live sessions come with added benefits, like interactive components and opportunities to ask questions, we recognize that not everyone has the ability to make it to every lecture. That is why we are pleased to offer over a year worth of past lectures on Vimeo. These videos, complete with subtitles, aim to provide easy access for those who have not been able to attend live lectures or anyone hoping to refresh their memory on a certain topic. They also offer an opportunity for newer patients and others interested in these topics to listen and learn.

Take a few moments to look at our Be Informed Lecture Showcase! We look forward to continuing to provide these resources in the new year.

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