Every surgeon at NYBRA Plastic Surgery is highly experienced in microsurgery. This set of advanced, minimally invasive techniques connects small blood vessels to establish blood flow to living tissue, making free flap reconstruction possible. Our team has performed thousands of these procedures, with a success rate of greater than 99-percent.

Not all plastic surgeons are microsurgeons: microsurgery expertise requires specific high volume training and experience. This training involves specialized techniques and the use of an operating microscope that allows highly skilled plastic surgeons to transfer living tissue from one part of a patient’s body to another.

While microsurgical techniques apply most directly to natural-tissue flap breast reconstruction, the required expertise, delicacy, and keen attention to detail inherent in performing these procedures extends to all of plastic surgery. Every member of our team is an expert in this extremely difficult, technically demanding surgical discipline. We treat every surgery with the care and precision that reflect that expertise.