A carefully selected flap provides the desired breast contour for most women undergoing natural-tissue breast reconstruction. When both additional volume and projection are needed, a breast implant can be placed under the flap. The combination of a flap with an underlying implant is called a hybrid breast reconstruction.

Hybrid breast reconstruction is most commonly used in thinner women with a fuller breast size. The surgeons at NYBRA Plastic Surgery have extensive experience with both natural-tissue flap breast reconstruction and implant breast reconstruction. As such, our plastic surgeons can help you determine if hybrid breast reconstruction is right for you.

Types of procedures

  • Immediate Hybrid Breast Reconstruction: The implant is placed under the natural tissue flap at the time of the mastectomy. A biologic tissue matrix can be used to support the implant under the flap.
  • Delayed Hybrid Breast Reconstruction: The implant is placed at a later date, after the patient has healed from her mastectomy and flap reconstruction.

Procedure details

  • The natural tissue flap is performed
  • A biologic tissue matrix is placed under the flap support a breast implant
  • Breast implant is placed under the flap at the time of the flap reconstruction or as a second stage operation.

Risks & Benefits

The risks associated with hybrid breast reconstruction are the same as the risks for breast implants and the risks for natural-tissue flaps. Certain implant-associated risks, such as skin rippling, may be minimized by placing the implant under a healthy natural-tissue flap.

Hybrid procedures can allow patients with minimal excess body tissue to achieve a fuller, natural-looking breast reconstruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of a hybrid breast reconstruction, should I just do an implant reconstruction and skip the natural-tissue flap?

That is certainly an option. Women who choose a hybrid reconstruction prefer the appearance of a natural-tissue reconstruction but need the added projection of an implant.