The Role of Physical Therapy Post-Masectomy

Join us on

Monday, January 18, 2021 at 9:30 AM EST ZOOM

for our next lecture as part of our BE INFORMED LECTURE SERIES.

Our guest speakers will be:

Diana Tjaden, PT, DPT,
Founder & Director, Full Circle Physical Therapy
P.C. Breast Cancer Recovery Program
Kathy Slaka, PT, MSPT, LMLT,
Physical Therapist, Full Circle Physical Therapist and Founder, WISH Physical and Massage Therapies

Registration is required. Topics will include restoring range of motion, flexibility, strength, and aerobic activity, help decrease recovery time, increase functional ability and improve quality of life. When should I be evaluated for physical therapy and what are the benefits?

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Kathy Slaka, PT, MSPT, LMLT
Physical Therapist,
Full Circle Physical Therapy Founder,
WISH Physical and
Massage Therapies
Diana Tjaden, PT, DPT
Founder & Director Full Circle Physical
Therapy P.C.
Breast Cancer
Recovery Program
Full Circle has been the only physical therapy facility on Long Island exclusively devoted to the care and treatment of patients diagnosed with breast cancer or undergoing mastectomy for risk reducing purposes. It has just recently partnered with iVyrehab hoping to bring this concept nationwide.

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