Jonathan Bank, MD, FACS
Creator of Breast Relief, Dr. Bank is a board-certified plastic surgeon with specialty training in microsurgery. Stemming from his interests in autologous breast reconstruction and sensory restoration of the reconstructed breast, this endeavor aims to shift paradigms in surgical treatment of breast cancer. He performs all aspects of facial, breast, and body cosmetic surgery in New York.
Diana Tjaden, PT, DPT
Diana developed Full Circle Breast Cancer Recovery Program, which has its home in Garden City, New York. This comprehensive, individualized program is geared towards every phase of breast cancer recovery. Among its goals are educating women with breast cancer on ways to regain control over their lives, and providing them the tools they need to return to their prior level of function, and reach new fitness goals.
David Rosenblum, MD
Dr. Rosenblum is a leader in the fields of interventional pain medicine and regional anesthesiology. His particular interests include regional anesthesia and ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. He has developed numerous protocols and policies to ensure the safe proliferation of anesthesia and pain management. He currently represents the Maimonides department of anesthesia in the development of programs for ensuring adequate pain control of obstetric, orthopedic, and cancer.